When Can You Use Generic Valtrex?

Valtrex is not more than a trade name that is registered among others for the marketing of the active substance Valacyclovir. This active substance is an antiviral agent effective against herpes virus of different types. It is used for the prevention, prophylaxis, and treatment of herpes.

If you have herpes, you can buy Valtrex or a cheaper generic version of the medication at a lower price. You can get absolutely the same effect from a less expensive medication as long as you opt for a trustworthy manufacturer of generics and check that the active agent of the purchased drug is Valacyclovir. To get such medication with a guaranty of good quality, order it from RxShopMD.

What should you know about herpes?

Herpes virus causes the viral infection which cannot be completely eliminated like any other virus currently. The treatment implies the suppression of the virus in the body to the minimum activity when the symptoms are not interfering with the normal life and the risk of transmission of the virus is minimal.

Although lip herpes causes discomfort, it quickly fades even without the use of pills, unlike genital herpes that can cause a lot of discomfort for a long period of time and requires the use of antivirals. If you suffer from itching and rash on your genitalia, you should see a doctor and get checked for herpes. If the infection is confirmed, you should undergo the treatment and avoid intimacy before the virus is suppressed until the level when it cannot be transferred to your partner. To avoid getting herpes, it is preferable not to have unprotected intercourse with an unfamiliar partner. It is always good to get your partner checked for sexually transmitted diseases before you engage in an unprotected (without a condom) sexual intercourse.

Is it possible to get Valtrex without a prescription?

In general, it is a prescription drug. However, you can get it without Rx if you purchase the pills from an online drugstore. However, we highly encourage you to get diagnosed first to be sure that you have namely herpes because there are other infections or allergies that can cause similar symptoms.

You can find out how to use the pills when you buy generic Valtrex from the package insert. But if you have other recommendations from your doctor, follow them instead as it is always better to follow personalized instructions.