Tips To Buy The Perfect Pair Of Shoes

Shoes are very important thing that we need in our day to day life. Throughout the day all of the body load is taken by the feet. The feet must be taken a good care, so we require a good pair of shoes. The basic idea before buying a pair of shoes is to check the comfort level. But today, people look for style before buying along with the comfort check. The three important checks to be made before purchasing shoes, even online on sites like are its comfort, style and budget.

Comfort first

While deciding the pair to be bought, the size of shoe is very important. The shoes must be tried out before finalizing. Just wear them and walk around. Always wear on both feet. This helps to judge how comfortable will you be with that particular pair of shoes. It is advisable to try two or three different sizes, this will help in choosing the best among them. Some people have a foot smaller than others. In that case the bigger foot must be taken as a reference to judge the size. If the shoes are for kids, the growth factor must be taken in account. Over a half thumb width must be kept as an allowance for growth. It is often assumed that with time the shoes stretch, don’t just go on assumption. Sometimes new shoes have difficulty to break in.

After being done with the comfort part, check the style. It should be in fashion. An outdated pair should not be picked. The shoes must match with the outfit you plan to wear. The color and texture should be chosen as per the outfits in wardrobe. For the proper foot care shoes must be worn with socks. It helps the feet not to get rubbed directly against shoe, also it does not allow the shoe sole to get wet. Cotton socks are considered apt for the purpose, absorbing the perspiration well and keeps the feet dry. Make sure ample socks for shoes are available.


It is not necessary that an expensive pair of shoes are good. The expense should be reasonable. It must not be high only because of trendy look, but the material should be good as well. Good material increases the durability of product. The budget should be pre decided. There are several lucrative sales and discount in market that confuses buyers. So keeping the need in mind and sticking to the budget is the idea.  The purpose of the purchase must be kept in mind, since different shoes are designed exclusively for different purposes. For jogging and walking, active wear shoes will do well. But while picking shoes for sports, it is required to take care of activity involved.

Before finalizing the deal, check the return policy and warranty related terms &condition.A bad judgment will leave your feet with several problems like an injured toe, shoe bite, blisters, ankle sprain etc. and ultimately loss of money. With a defined budget, taking the best deal is a wise decision.

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