Three Reasons There Are Scorpions In Tucson Arizona

Scorpions pose a major problem for residents of Arizona especially those who live in the so-called “Scorpion Zones.” One of these regions is Tucson. In this particular area, pests invade indoors and can pose a health hazard. The scorpion sting is one of the most painful experiences you can undergo in one’s lifetime. If you have been stung by a scorpion then you will know what I am talking about.

If you are in Tucson, Arizona, and you have a scorpion menace, or are looking for pest control near Tucson, Responsible Pest Control Services will help you get rid of all these pests.

One of the most interesting fact we have discovered through many years of pest control treatments in Tucson, is that scorpions are survival machines. Additionally, scorpions in Tucson are responsible for some severe medical situations. A scorpion sting can kill a baby instantly. One the most dangerous species of these pests in Tucson is the bark scorpion. Notably, it is the smallest but has the greatest punch.

With that, you might be wondering why these pests like Tucson. Below we will discuss three factors that make Tucson Arizona palatable to scorpions.

  1. Tucson is in the tropics

Heat and moisture attract scorpions. These two conditions are common in Tucson, Arizona. Just like many insects, the species of scorpions that live here need water to survive. That is why you will always find them hiding in the damp corners of the house. In fact, scientists postulate that if a scorpion is exposed to direct heat it desiccates. Tucson Arizona experiences wet and hot climate from late February meaning this the peak season of the pests. Unfortunately, the major species is the bark scorpion—the most lethal and likes hiding in houses. Therefore, if you live in the area, you will require Tucson pest control.

  1. Scorpions Feed on Insects.

Arizona houses over 451 common insects and bugs. This makes it a good habitat for scorpions because they snack on other insects. The latter pests use their poisonous stings to paralyses other bugs and then dine on them. Tucson in specific houses centipedes and spiders, which happen to be scorpion’s favorite meal. Therefore, this causes them to linger long and multiply.

  1. Rotting wood and Leaves are Perfect hiding spots for Scorpions

When you see a scorpion outdoors, likely it is in rotten logs or under leaves. Arizona is not short of these habitats and Tucson is no exception. Therefore, scorpions find this place so palatable. Additionally, the water table is very close and this results to damp foliage and mulch providing the perfect hideout.