Reviews Of Window Replacement Companies

If you need to replace windows, you must look for something that is energy efficient. It is better to replace all the windows rather replacing a single in order to achieve energy saving standard. For such kind of replacement there are several choices like windows by Ecoline in Edmonton region. Before you look for any replacement you must keep in mind about better customer service and see the installer’s professionalism is up to the mark. Today everything is available on the internet, so at least you can have a look of the feedbacks and reviews of customer on the internet and the social media sites. This gives you a thick and a thin idea about the installer and the service they offer.

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The Ecoline is a company based in Edmonton. It provides primarily services of replacing windows in the residential houses. They provide windows replacement and the installation. They also provide the doors replacement on the request, but their major job is the window replacement. You can visit their site for various information. Unfortunately, they don’t provide any details of how long they are in this business. You can also find windows by Ecoline in Calgary. They have provided warranty for the products for 25 years. This warranty is transferable kind and non-prorated. There are features that will disappoint you.

There is no Facebook feedback for their service and product. In today’s world, people depend upon the internet for the feedback mechanism. They have a dedicated Facebook page which doesn’t have any activity and seems to be dormant. If there is any post only few people like the post. This thing really discourages the buyers as it doesn’t give any idea about their product and the service.


Hometech is another company in the same area and is doing same business. It is basically a small company and its service is limited to the Edmonton. They offer lifetime (limited) time warranty on the material of the product. Apart from this they offer warranty on the workmanship which extends to 10 years. They work in the connection with several suppliers to offer the consumers a great deal of products. There is no chance of consumers complaining that they are too small and can offer a vivid range of products. They supply a wide range of products for their consumers. There are many things that turn in the favor of Hometech.

It is a small company, even though they have plenty of Facebook activities. There are several comments which are helpful in reviewing the product and service. They have a pretty busy and active page. The best part of the company is that they claim to provide the products at the lowest price in the market. They are providing service in the installation of entry doors, sliding doors and French doors. The comments on the social site are mainly in the favor of the company. They even provide you an estimate of the installation once you have filled the required form so that you can have an idea of the amount you are going to spend.