Reviews Coast Spas Discusses Least Desirable Party Board Games


We have all been at a party and someone comes up with the suggestion to play a game.  More often than not, it is a drinking game. Reviews Coast Spas is not going to be responsible for people overindulging, so we will stick to the traditional board games. What you do with the rules based on that is none of our business, but never drink and drive. That being said, we are going to take a look at some of the board games that you should just use as firewood instead of trying to get some entertainment value out of them.

The Bad-Games

We do understand that different people have different tastes in board games, but these just seem to do more harm than good at a party.

  1. Monopoly – Honestly, you had to know this was coming. Despite being the most sold board game in the world, this game wrecks relationships. The number one reason is that people have played house rules for so long, that the actual rules have been replaced by most families. If people took the time to play the rules the right way, they would find it more fun and a lot faster of a game. Either way, people get into serious fights over this game and it is better to leave it out.
  2. Mall Madness – We assume this game has not withstood the test of time, but maybe someone has it still floating around in some attic space somewhere. Whatever you do, don’t engage this game. You would be better off playing Monopoly. The game is essentially an electronic voice telling you where the specials are in the mall and you have to be the first to get to the store in question.
  3. Don’t Wake Daddy – Seriously, whose dad slept on a spring-loaded bed right next to the refrigerator waiting for his kids to sneak a midnight snack? This game essentially tries to have players get a midnight snack while trying not to wake dad. The trivia in the game is not the greatest and at time erroneous. Put this game back to sleep before you even wake it up.
  4. Chug-A-Lug – True, it is the most honest of all the party games out there, but probably not one that your liver will be too happy with come morning. The object of the game is to see who can get drunk first. Not really sure why there needs to be a game for that since we assume that is the point of most parties.
  5. Big Funeral – What says family fun like planning a funeral? This game is not classy, and we wonder why the game was even printed. You do things like try to make the person that died look cheap (read promiscuously) or bury them in something ridiculous. This game was DOA from the time of conception.

Final Thoughts

We at Reviews Coast Spas like a good party game as much as the next guy, but some games are just not that great. We do like that people keep trying to make games, but some thought should be put into them before actually publishing them.