Nadine Gourkow Gives Tips and Tricks to Getting All of Your Fruits and Vegetables


We all know that the key to a healthy life is a healthy diet. In order to do that, we must make sure that we get all of our fruits and vegetables every day. Nadine Gourkow knows that most people do not get their recommended servings of fruits and vegetables every day, so she has come up with ways that can make sure you do.

Tips and Tricks

Whether is it not having enough time during the day, or simply the lack of desire, it is imperative that we have a well-rounded diet. Getting up in the morning having a bowl of cereal that is from the kids section of the cereal aisle, going to work and sitting on your butt until lunch, having some leftovers from the holiday feast you just had, sitting on your butt until you go home, and then having a quickly thrown together meal or fast food is just begging to get you out of shape. Instead, try mixing these ideas into your every day meal plans and see how much better you look and feel.

  1. Smoothies – You can put little bits of generally undesirable food in these and cover them up with the fruit that you have that is going to sit and go bad anyhow. Have a strawberry-banana smoothie with a cup of spinach – don’t worry you will not taste it. Now you have a few servings of fruits and vegetables that you can drink on the way to work. Look on the bright side, you can sleep a few extra minutes instead of having to wake up and sit to eat your breakfast.
  2. Sauces – This can be anything from marinara to salsa and everything in between. Just as with the smoothies, slip in some extra vegetable (finely minced if you must) and you are going to be ten times better off than you were yesterday. Think of adding some homemade salsa to your fish tacos on Tuesday night. Think of all the fruits and vegetables that you could combine and make a salsa to die for.
  3. Snacks – While we don’t usually recommend snacking between meals if you must do it, make it healthy. You could pack an assortment of vegetables with a hummus in your lunch and snack on that when you feel the need. Stay away from those office donuts that someone brought in, they are nothing but trouble.
  4. Oatmeal – So many people think of oatmeal as a sweet dish, but it has all the makings of being a savory dish as well. Oatmeal in and of itself is very bland. This means you can add just about anything to it and make it whatever you want it to be. If you want sweet, add raisins or bananas. If savory is more your style, think avocados and poached eggs.


When it comes to getting your daily allotment of fruits and vegetables, Nadine Gourkow would like to remind you that it is never too late to start eating properly. Try a few of the tips from above and we promise you will not be disappointed.