How Many Types Of Courier Services

There are just so many times that one of us needs to send something to a place we cannot reach. It can be for business purposes or for personal ones, for example sending a few personal items to a relative residing in the other country. Most of these parcels are needed urgently by the recipient.  Sometimes the good may just be too heavy or big. Some carry important information and need utmost confidentiality throughout the journey. And there are numerous courier services provided to serve the needs of every sort of people.  Each type of courier service has properties that can help you decide which one will suit you best, keeping in mind your parcel, destination point, and cost and delivery time.


On-Board Courier:

This is perhaps the most expensive way of sending stuff abroad, as it is carried through air plane. However, it is also an in depth courier service. As the item is obviously carried internationally and important to need such services, the expense adds up, making it quite costly. Medical organs, that are quite rare and highly significant, critical tools for technological devices or sensitive business information, are some of the things that need international parcel courier services.

Personal Courier Services:

If you need to send a parcel to USA all the way from Pakistan, then this is not the service you can go for. This type of service is only provided in big cities like New York or to send items to nearby cities. As not much distance has to be covered to send these items which can be anything from a office documents and files or other delicate material, vehicles like motorbike are used to deliver them as it is more convenient. Cars, vans and trucks may also be used. This type of service is usually required by large companies who have difficulty delivering their products to the right person on due time.

Same Day Courier Services:

As the name implies, the package to be delivered needs to be sent and received in the shortest time possible. Obviously, the destination point is also at a stone throw distance. Being sent on urgent basis, it is obviously important and of delicate nature. The difference between personal courier service and same day courier services is that the former service can take a few days if the package is to be delivered outside the boundary of the city. The latter however, delivers the package on the same day. This service is also relatively more costly.