How Can You Stop Alopecia With Finasteride?

Finasteride is the most effective medication for hair loss in men known today. It is mostly recognized as Propecia as this brand is owned by a big corporation and is promoted. However, men who wish to buy Propecia but not overpay for the brand can get a so-called generic version of the medication.

Where can you buy Propecia cheap?

RxShopMD is an online drugstore that offers only high-quality generics made by reputable companies. The drugstore sets minimum possible prices for the drugs being able to save on the commercial spaces operating only online. Besides, it offers man from all over the world to buy the formulations they need without a prescription and get shipping to their doorstep.

It is always a good idea to save and buy generics especially in the case with such medications as Propecia because they need to be taken daily without interruptions for at least one year and then the course is repeated after a short break.

You Stop Alopecia With Finasteride

How can Propecia stop hair loss?

The good thing about Propecia is that it not only stops the hair loss but also makes it possible for fallen out hair grow out again. Until recently, it was considered that once hair falls out it cannot start growing again from the same follicle as it is dead. But it’s not true. It had been proved that follicles can become dormant under the effect of an active form of testosterone, dihydrotestosterone. Once the level of this hormone form is suppressed, follicles “wake up” and grow the hair back. Besides, the hair loss stops. It is possible due to the use of Finasteride that suppresses a certain enzyme that plays a role in the transformation of testosterone in dihydrotestosterone.

This isn’t in any way bad for the male body. In fact, the same medication is also used for prostatic hyperplasia treatment because it helps to diminish the size of the tumor.

Keep in mind that the formulation must be used for a long period without interruptions to provide stable results.

When shouldn’t you buy the drug?

You should not buy generic Propecia or a branded drug if you have an allergy to it. Besides, it is contraindicated for women of fertile age and everyone younger than 18.

The medication can be used but only if a doctor approves in kidney failure and obstructive uropathy. If you have any other chronic diseases, for your peace of mind, consult a healthcare specialist first before starting a long-term therapy with the medication.