5 Tips For Efficient CO₂ Measurement

The carbon dioxide (CO₂) is a colourless and odourless gaseous that combines carbon and oxygen that is harmful at a high concentration of CO₂.

Using CO₂ measuring device can effectively keep track recording of exhaust gas and monitor the indoor air quality continuously. Here’s 5 tips to consider for an efficient air quality measurement.

  • Choose The Right Measuring Instrument

Do you need a CO₂ measuring device for continuous data recording or to carry out measurements at different location? Know your CO₂ measuring requirements.  Either a stationary CO₂ data logger, flue gas analyzers, air velocity & IAQ data logger is ideal for you.

  • Understand The Ambient Conditions

The condensation and fine dust will affect the optical path and accuracy of the measurement results.

  • Avoid Breathe Directly Onto The Probe

The air is saturated with CO₂ and must not flow in the direction of the probe. Simply use a stand and move slightly to one side.

  • Head Height Measurement

It is important to determine the CO₂ value at the head height of people working at the workplace for health and safety purpose.

  • Routine Check When The CO₂ Value Raised

If the CO₂ concentration is high, a immediate check and quick fix are required.

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