3 Reasons Why Your Business Needs Citation

Citation refers to both an acknowledgement and a signpost. An acknowledgement means that you are constrained by another website while a signpost tells your location.

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A citation tends to appear differently as per the format: it can appear within text (also known as in text citation), end of paper (known as endnotes) and also at the page bottom (footnotes).

Each format differs in mechanism and algorithm which may be quite complicated. You can consult a guide to citation mechanisms. Citation allows users to understand where the information from your website comes from.

Citation is quite important from SEO point of view as well. Citation audits are the basis for search engine optimization. Search engine optimization Canada will never be complete without Webryze.

Reasons Why Citation is Needed

For businesses and academics, citation is quite instrumental. Your ideas and information should be backed by authentic sources and your literature has to be evidence based. Students especially have to create their own idea which are derived from previous researches and theories therefore they should always cite their sources.

First Reason for Citation: Ideas are Assets for an Institution

In any institution and business organization, the ideas from the members are the asset of that particular organization. Therefore each company preserves and keeps their ideas as a treasure and want the due credit for it once someone wishes to develop upon them for further developments. Whenever an author takes an idea from any source, they refer to the source which is a way of honoring the initiator of those ideas.

Second Reason for Citation: Avoiding Violation of Rights

When you are using the ideas which are not originally yours and do not give credit to the originator of those ideas, it is quite unfair to that particular individual. It is a clear violation of rights which can be costly at times too.

To give you a better understanding of this proposition, suppose you and your friends decided upon a great marketing idea which could do wonders to your business. Your friend approaches the boss and presents the idea in the meeting without mentioning your name and that it was your idea in the first place. It will definitely hurt.

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Quite similarly when you present someone’s idea as your own and no give the person their due credit, it is quite hurtful and unfair on your part. Not being referred to for your efforts is a feeling like you have been stolen your assets.

Third Reason for Citation: You should be a Link to History

When you propose any idea which you derived from someone else, you should know that you won’t be the last person to work on this idea just the way the person you borrowed the idea from was not. Any idea is usually derived and has its roots way back in time. Therefore, if you want researcher do develop your ideas further, you should link and cite your information to the ancestors and generators of you theory. In this way you will be able to develop a chain where you will be just another link to what could be a ground breaking innovation in future.